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The Casa Martina farm

established in March 2009 in order to promote an hobby.
To maintain the green areas of lawn and woods
surrounding the house we have purchased sheep,
goats and donkey.

The soils well fertilized naturally led in a few years
the growth of vigorous fruit trees,
suitable for local climatic conditions:
kiwi, apples, plums, figs, cherries, nuts and others.

Few beehives ensure more efficient pollination
and give us a small amount of excellent honey.

To retrieve a chestnut forest left to itself for over forty years,
thus avoiding problems of soil erosion are engaged
in cutting trees weeds, dry or ill,
that we use to power modern fireplaces energy efficient.

Some hens scratching in the grass
and give us eggs for our consumption.

It was decided then to turn a plot of land in forest nursery,
but if it happens that the foxes look after chickens, goats and lambs,
the deers during the harsh winter they fed on those little seedlings.
But this is still at the bottom of the game of life.

In the belief that the only form of agriculture
on land such as these is that of multi-functionality,
we decided to diversify,
but we will continue to practice the traditional crops.
We can't put it in terms of quantity and price,
so only the final consumer remains for us,
with a niche product, processed, and often consumed on the farm.

Fruit, jams, honey, and cheese are sold directly from the farm
and/or used in a small familiar farmhouse.

In a dialect poetry dedicated to
Piassa Martina you can read:
gh' n' mia u che al s lament
co la so brina, i se prd mia de coragio
la zt a l' fort e la gh' carater,
i mola mia, i taccc a la so tra.

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