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Farm House

Farmhouse Casa Martina

A small familiar farmhouse,
that for climate and conformation of the land,
certainly can't deviate much from the traditions and authenticity
places where it is located.
The products can be appreciated for their quality, not for quantity.
The belief that a food can be defined as actually typical
when it's consumed at the place of production, in a kind of almost perfect atmosphere .
So the idea of a small familiar farmhouse ,
that you allows to taste genuine food that we prepare for you on reservation.
An apparent closing of a circle, really a new project.

Startes - Bis first courses - Bis second courses - Desserts - Coffee
liter of water and liter wine.

Prices range from 25-30 Euro

For any information about our menu:
Tel: +39034593917 - Cell: +393886927619

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