For moments of taste and relax..surrounded by nature.

Food is life, culture, tradition, territory, environment, knowledge, atmosphere.

We are farmers and we want to be a farm not a restaurant, a hotel, or a tourist village.

We define ourselves as a family because we cook maximum for 25 people and not for 250. Needless to hide that the kitchen of these valleys is historically simple and not very varied, so no sophisticated dishes, but only the enhancement of the typicality and the genuineness of the products of our land.

Few things ... trying to make them better.
We are ... even what we eat.

Today we do not need to increase the calories of our meals, but we can take food healthier and higher quality products, respecting the season and not making them arrive from far.


Only by reservation at least 2 days before.
Opening: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

For any information on the menu, prices, opening days please contact us:

Casa Martina
Tel: 034593917 - Cel: 3886927619 –